Animal Services

Three uniformed animal services officers standing in front of animal services vehicles

Give a Dog or Cat a Good Home

Feel free to stop by our Animal Control Office, located behind the Municipal Court building, to check out the pets we have available for adoption. Please give these animals a second chance. Pets are online as well.

Pet Registration is Required

Each dog that resides in the City of Balch Springs is required to be registered and then re-registered on an annual basis. Registration is $5 for each pet. Along with the $5 registration fee, proof of rabies vaccination must be presented. Please call 972-557-6035 for more information.

Adoption Fee

The fee to adopt a dog or cat is only $35.

In Case of Emergency

For animal emergencies, dial 911. An animal control officer is available Saturday and Sunday for emergency animal control issues only.

Mandatory Sterilization

All dogs and cats adopted from an animal shelter must be sterilized no later than 30 days from the adoption date, in accordance with Texas State Law Chapter 828 of the Texas Health and Safety Code.

Failure to comply is punishable by a Class C Misdemeanor and citations of up to $560.

Also, under state law, a recently adopted but nonsterilized dog or cat will be reclaimed by the animal shelter. The Balch Springs Animal Shelter will enforce this with no exceptions.

More Information About Sterilization