Utility Services

The Utility Services department provides water, sewer, drainage, trash, and recycling services to business and residents of Balch Springs. The department is also responsible for month water and trash billing and collections services.

The City of Balch Springs hired Willdan Financial Services to engage in an Stormwater Utility Fee Study for the purpose of creating a separate Stormwater Utility Fund.


 This fund will both capture the costs associated with stormwater management and to set a monthly fee for the services.  Many cities throughout the metroplex have had the stormwater fees unfortunately Balch Springs has not.  The revenue captured from the Stormwater fees will allow for the creation of a Drainage fund to remedy the long awaited issues with drainage in the City of Balch Springs.  The city will be able to hire the required staff and purchase equipment needed and dedicated sole for drainage issues. The above chart captures the recommended fees (which was voted on and passed by City Council) with a start date of January 2022, however, we will begin billing February, 2022.

Click Here to View 2021 Drainage Fee Study

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