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Storm-water Utility Fees Survey

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  2. Storm-water Utility Fee Survey

    The City of Balch Springs is seeking feedback regarding a proposed storm-water utility fee to help fund flood and drainage improvements in the City of Balch Springs. If funds are approved, the City of Balch Springs Flood and Drainage Department will be responsible for the maintenance of all right-of-way drainage in the City of Balch Springs.The Flood and Drainage Utility Department will monitor and maintain all storm drainage systems throughout the City. The department will schedule and perform maintenance of storm-water drainage systems which will include maintaining and or replacing culverts, storm drains and inlet boxes, mowing, brush control, and concrete repairs. Please complete and answer the following questions:

  3. 1. As a citizen of the City of Balch Springs, would you support a stormwater utility fee to support flood and drainage improvements?*

  4. 2. If a storm-water utility fee is approved, what is the dollar amount that you are willing to spend per month?*

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