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Sports Health, Wellness and Fitness Intern Application

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  2. Sports & Wellness Internship
    The Sports Center is a department within the City of Balch Springs and operates out of the Recreation Center. It was established to provide programs and services in the areas of fitness and wellness, intramural sports, and open recreation. This department also offers facility rentals to the public, as well as space for students, leadership, and staff. The purpose of the Fitness/Wellness Intern position is to assist with the operation and implementation of health, wellness, and fitness programs, events, and services provided by the Sports Department of the city. Interns will promote the mission of the Sports in action and spirit. This is an unpaid internship. This opportunity will allow you to work 10-15 hours a week with our Sports Coordinator and City Leadership. Active participation in activities, ability to prepare marketing materials or willing to learn and create visuals.
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