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Form of Government

The City of Balch Springs operates under a system of local government called "Council - Manager", wherein all powers of the City are vested in the City Council. The City Council appoints the City Manager, who executes the laws and administers the government of the City in accordance with the policies and budget adopted by the City Council.

The City Manager

The City Manager coordinates all City operations and Staff and has been appointed by the Mayor and City Council to handle the affairs of the City of Balch Springs.

Duties include

  • Direct and supervise the administration of all departments, office and agencies of the   city, except as otherwise provided by the City Charter
  • Effectively enforce all state laws and City ordinances
  • Prepare and submit to the City Council the annual budget and capital program
  • Administer the budget as adopted by the City Council
  • Manage day to day operations of the City

Connect With Us

Susan Cluse, City Manager
Email: Administration Services
Phone: 972-286-4477
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13503 Alexander Road, Balch Springs, TX 75181
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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City of Balch Springs Texas
13503 Alexander Road,
Balch Springs, TX 75181.
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