Mission statement

The Planning Division is responsible for enhancing and maintaining the quality of life in Balch Springs through the administration and enforcement of city codes, policies and regulations pertaining to planning, zoning, land use and subdivision of land.

In addition, the Planning Division is charged with guiding the long-term growth of the community and is responsible for providing the Comprehensive Plan.

Vision Statement

To promote and facilitate the city’s mission and goals into a vision of physical growth and development while planning for the future.

Goals & Objectives

Future objectives of Planning and Zoning include:

  • Updating the Balch Springs Comprehensive Plan
  • Gathering and maintaining statistical data that reflects the pulse of the community
  • Developing and improving communications between citizens, developers, neighborhood associations / groups, property owners, public officials, and appropriate city departments on questions of land use, occupancy, and zoning
  • Coordinating planning and development related matters with applicants, landowners, developers and other City departments and agencies

This division also supports the City Manager’s office, Planning & Zoning Commission, City Council and other City Boards and commissions on matters affecting planning, growth and development in the city. City Charter Section 3.12 - Passage of ordinances in General - The City Council shall adopt a rule which shall provide that no action be taken on any ordinance which has not been made available to the Council and to the public at the office of the City Secretary, at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the meeting at which it is to be considered.

Connect With Us

Chris Dyser, Senior City Planner
Email: Planning and Zoning
Phone: 972-286-4477 +212
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