Our Mission

The Balch Springs Public Works Department is proud of its reputation for reliability and for the service it will provide the customers and community of Balch Springs. The Department of Public Works employees are committed to providing the citizens of this city with world-class infrastructure and maintenance services that are efficient, effective, responsive and responsible. This Department will enhance the quality of life in Balch Springs through excellence in professional services and efficient management of infrastructure for the public and city organization.

Storm Water Management Tip of the Month


December- Don’t mess with Texas! Throw your litter away in a garbage can, not out the window or on the ground. Recycle what you can.



Bidding Invitations

2016 SCADA Improvements (Click Here)

Luedeke Park Parking Lot (Click Here)

2015-16 Sidewalk Addition Program (Click Here)

The Public Works Department currently handles the following City functions:

PW Administration
Building Maintenance
Custodial Services
Fleet Maintenance
Inspection Services
Parks and Mowing
Solid Waste
Streets and Drainage
Waste Water Collection
Water Distribution
Storm Water Tips
The addition of the Water Department under the Public Works umbrella offers a variety of services including repair and maintenance of all city owned property and utilities. By keeping lines of communication open with residents of Balch Springs we are able to continue the high standards we have set for ourselves.

Connect With Us

William Freeman, Director of Public Works
Email: William Freeman
Phone: 972-286-4477
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13503 Alexander Road Balch Springs, TX 75181
Monday - Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
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City of Balch Springs Texas
13503 Alexander Road,
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