Mayor & City Council

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The municipal government provided by this Charter shall be known as the "Council-Manager" form of government. All powers of the City shall be vested in the City Council which hereinafter may be referred to as the "Council," except as otherwise provided by law or by this Charter. The City Council shall appoint the City Manager, who shall execute the laws and administer the government of the City in accordance with the policies and budget adopted by the City Council. The City Council shall consist of seven council members, five of whom shall be elected from single member districts, and two of whom shall be elected at large. One of the two at-large members shall be the Mayor of the City. Four of the council members shall be elected in odd numbered years and three of the council members shall be elected in even numbered years.
Mayor & City Council-members

Carrie Gordon
Term Expires: 2025

City Council Announcements & Presentations

Angela Singletary
Mayor Pro Tem
Term Expires: 2024

Paula Garcia
Place 3
Term Expires: 2025


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Dawn Segroves
Place 4
Term Expires: 2024


Cheri Whitley
Place 5
Term Expires: 2025


Elishima Myles
Place 6
Term Expires: 2024

Yemi Salau
Place 7
Term Expires: 2025