Code Enforcement Reminders

Balch Springs Code Enforcement & Zoning Rules

  • Animals - It is prohibited to sell dogs / puppies or cats / kittens on roadsides and in parking lots. A citation will be issued for violators.
  • High Grass and Trees - It is the property owner's responsibility to maintain their grass in their alleyway. Tree limbs must be trimmed up to 12 feet. Citations of $210 will be issued for violators.
  • Merchandise Displays - Businesses are allowed to display up to eight items outside of their business for sale. A permit for a sidewalk sale may be obtained to limit and regulate the amount of items displayed.
  • Parking in Residential Areas - Parking any vehicle on an unimproved surface such as grass or mud is not allowed in residential areas. It is also not allowed for commercial vehicles rated more than 2.5 tons to be parked in a residential area. Please note: A citation will be issued for vehicles illegally parked.
  • Sales - Cars for sale cannot be placed on roadways or curbside at businesses unless that business is zoned for retail automotive sales. Any vehicles found in an unauthorized area will be subject to impounding as well as a citation.
  • Garage Sales - One garage sale is permitted every three months (for a total of four per year) per resident. Permits may be obtained at the Municipal Building, located at 3117 Hickory Tree Road, and are valid for 10 days. There are no refunds or extensions for rainouts. Please note: A citation will be issued for residents conducting a garage sale without a permit and for illegal sign placement.

More Information

If you have any questions or would like clarification of any code enforcement issue, please contact the City of Balch Springs at 972-557-6091.