1. Administrative Division

The Support Captain is responsible for support functions of the Operations Division, Special Services Division and Professional Standards Division.  The Support Captain, Billy Walts, is responsible for Communications, Internal Affairs, General Orders, Personnel & Hiring, department forms and computer software and hardware.  The Support Captain operates in conjunction with the Department's Records Section and will have direct supervision over the Communications Supervisor and Records Clerks, which includes the Alarm Program and CAD record maintenance.

  1. Patrol Division

The Patrol Division is the largest and most visible aspect of the Balch Springs Police Department.  The Patrol Division is responsible for the preliminary investigation of calls for service, preliminary investigation of crimes, warrants, and traffic enforcement.  Patrol Officers are generally the first contact citizens have with the department.  Patrol Officers perform various tasks including neighborhood patrol, traffic enforcement, preliminary investigations of criminal activity and various other duties.  The Patrol Division is commanded by the Operations Captain Sean Snow.  In case of emergency please dial 911.  All non-emergency calls should be directed to 972-557-6000.

  1. Criminal Investigations Division

The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for investigating criminal cases, which are usually generated by the patrol division.  Those assigned to CID are normally selected from patrol and trained in conducting follow-up investigations and interviews, preservation of evidence and filing cases with the Dallas County District Attorney's Office. The Criminal Investigations Division is commanded by Captain Billy Walts and is divided into three sections representing persons crimes, property crimes and special investigations.

  1. Special Services Division

The Special Services Division is responsible for special areas within the police department. Captain Billy Walts commands the School Resource Officer Program in conjunction with Mesquite Police Department, Neighborhood Services, which includes the CPAAA and the Neighborhood Crime Watch Program.  The BSPD also hosts the Citizens Police Academy twice a year.  The Balch Springs Police Department understands the value of people and relationships which is why we offer a number of programs designed to create opportunities for community engagement to build lasting relationships and keep our community safe.