Balch Springs Spring Ridge Fire Recovery


This is the official City of Balch Springs, TX Spring Ridge Fire Recovery site, used in the efforts for to assist and support those affected by the July 25, 2022 Fire Incident.
All Updates, Announcements and Resources will be posted here to release to the Public.

For Questions or more Information, Please contact our Balch Springs Emergency Management Department:
Send Email / Call: (972) 286-4477

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In-Kind & PayPal Donations

(07.26.2022) Those who would like to donate Tangible Items, Clothes, and Canned Goods, etc. to those affected by the recent Fire incident on July 25, 2022. Thank you Everyone for you kindness and support during this time.

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Balch Springs Shelter for those Affected

(07.25.2022) The Balch Springs Recreation Center will be open and available for those seeking refuge, due to the recent grass fire incident. 

Shelter Location: Balch Springs Recreation Center
4372 Shepherd Ln., Balch Springs, TX
Contact (972) 557-6090

Press Releases, Updates and Announcements


Balch Springs Fire Department Fire | Chief Eric J. Neal


July 26, 2022


For Immediate Release


Balch Springs Fire Department After Action Report

Balch Springs, TX July 26, 2022 - At 3:17pm on Monday, July 25, 2022 a grass fire was reported to Balch Springs Fire Department 11.1-gnent. Booster 6 (brush truck) and Engine 2 were the first to respond. At the time of arrival about 3 acres were on fire and winds were gusting between 15 to 20 mph. Balch Springs notified dispatch to send additional Balch Springs Apparatuses, which included Battalion 1 and Ladder 1.


When Battalion 1 arrived, he notified dispatch to send mutual aid from the area for structural exposure control. Crews worked vigorously to extinguish the grass fire prior to receiving assistance from outside agencies. Crews started to arrive shortly after the homes started igniting.


Assisting Balch Springs Fire were Dallas Fire Rescue, Dallas County Fire, Mesquite Fire, Seagoville Fire, Sunnyvale Fire, Cedar Hill Fire, Forney Fire, Hutchins Fire, Combine Fire, Wilmer Fire, and Desoto Fire.


26 homes were affected by smoke, fire, or water. 9 homes resulting in total loss. The estimated property loss amount is approximately $6,056,300.00


Affected Residents are asked to come to Balch Springs Recreation Center located on 4327 Shepard Lane. Balch Springs, TX Fire Department has officially set up the Recreation Center, as with the Red Cross, as the assistance center.


Structural assessments are ongoing at this time and residents are asked to leave all contact information with representative at the Balch Springs Recreation Center.


It is asked for all donations to be delivered to Opal J. Smith Food Pantry located at 2919 Balch Springs Rd. Balch Springs TX. 75180.

Balch Springs Fire Department Fire | Chief Eric J. Neal


July 26, 2022

Para publicación inmediata

Informe posterior a la acción del Departamento de Bomberos de Balch Springs

Balch Springs, TX, 26 de julio de 2022: a las 3:17 p. m. del lunes 25 de julio de 2022, se informó de un incendio de pasto al Departamento de Bomberos de Balch Springs 11.1-gnent. Booster 6 (camión cepillo) y motor 2 fue el primero en responder. En el momento de la llegada, alrededor de 3 acres estaban en llamas y los vientos soplaban entre 15 y 20 mph. Balch Springs notificó el despacho para enviar Aparatos de Balch Springs adicionales, que incluían el Batallón 1 y la Escalera 1.

Cuando llegó el Batallón 1, notificó despacho para enviar ayuda mutual desde el área para control de exposición estructural. Las cuadrillas trabajaron vigorosamente para extinguir el incendio de pasto antes de recibir ayuda de agencias externas. Los equipos comenzaron a llegar poco después de que las casas comenzaran a incendiarse. 

Incendio de rescate de dallas, Departamento de Bomberos del Condado de Dallas, Mesquite Fire, Seagoville Fire, Sunnyvale Fire, Cedar Hill Fire, Forney Fire, Hutchins Fire, Combine Fire, Wilmer Fire y Desoto Fire asistieron con el incendio en Balch Springs. 

26 viviendas fueron afectadas por humo, fuego o agua. 9 casas resultando en pérdida total. El monto estimado de pérdida de propiedad es de aproximadamente $ 6,056,300.00. 

Se les pide a los residentes afectados que vengan al Centro Recreativo de Balch Springs ubicado en 4327 Shepard Lane. El Departamento de Bomberos de Balch Springs, TX, ha establecido oficialmente el Centro de Recreación, con la Colaboración Conjunta con la Cruz Roja, como el centro de asistencia.

Las evaluaciones estructurales están en curso en este momento y se les pide a los residentes que dejen toda la información de contacto con un representante en el Centro Recreativo de Balch Springs.

Se solicita que todas las donaciones se entreguen a la despensa de alimentos Opal J. Smith ubicada en 2919 Balch Springs Rd. Balch Springs TX. 75180.