This seems like a waste of tax dollars. Why don’t you go after “real criminals?”
The Code Enforcement Division exists to protect the quality of life of all residents in the City of Balch Springs. It has a different purpose than law enforcement. Code Enforcement helps maintain property values and improves areas that have become blighted with debris, overgrowth or graffiti. Areas that have become blighted are more likely to have a higher crime rate than those areas that are well maintained and free from Code violations.

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1. Where can I find a copy of the City of Balch Springs Code of Ordinances?
2. How are Codes Enforced?
3. How do I report a violation and can I remain anonymous?
4. How will I know that my complaint was acted upon?
5. I received a notice of violation on a house that I own, but I rent this property to a tenant. Why don’t you issue the notice to the tenant?
6. What happens if it is determined that I have violated a local ordinance?
7. My neighbors have the same violations, why have you selected me?
8. This seems like a waste of tax dollars. Why don’t you go after “real criminals?”
9. Who do I call if there is an abandoned vehicle on the street or for parking control on public streets?
10. Who should I call about barking dogs?
11. Who do I contact regarding bulk trash pick up, solid waste or illegal dumping?
12. Do I need a business license to operate my own business?
13. I am having a yard sale this weekend. Do I need a permit, where can I obtain a permit and can I put signs up to advertise the sale?