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1. Where can I find a copy of the City of Balch Springs Code of Ordinances?
2. How are Codes Enforced?
3. How do I report a violation and can I remain anonymous?
4. How will I know that my complaint was acted upon?
5. I received a notice of violation on a house that I own, but I rent this property to a tenant. Why don’t you issue the notice to the tenant?
6. What happens if it is determined that I have violated a local ordinance?
7. My neighbors have the same violations, why have you selected me?
8. This seems like a waste of tax dollars. Why don’t you go after “real criminals?”
9. Who do I call if there is an abandoned vehicle on the street or for parking control on public streets?
10. Who should I call about barking dogs?
11. Who do I contact regarding bulk trash pick up, solid waste or illegal dumping?
12. Do I need a business license to operate my own business?
13. I am having a yard sale this weekend. Do I need a permit, where can I obtain a permit and can I put signs up to advertise the sale?