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Application for Special Use Permit


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    4. FILING PROCEDURES - What is a special use permit?
      The Special Use Permit application process provides a means for City Council, after review and recommendation by the Planning and Zoning Commission, to authorize certain uses which, although generally appropriate for the district, may have greater impacts on surrounding properties than uses which are permitted by right. Site-specific factors and localized impacts from the use as well as the proposed mitigation measures must be evaluated. City Council reviews each application and decides whether to deny, approve, or approve with conditions. Such conditions are necessary to ensure the use’s compatibility with the surrounding area and consistency with the purpose and intent of the Zoning Ordinance.
      It is recommended that the applicant discuss the proposed application with staff of the Planning & Zoning Department prior to submission of an application to review plans, ordinances, and other land use issues that may be involved. Submittal of the application occurs at the Planning & Zoning Department’s office listed below:
    6. City of Balch Springs Planning & Zoning Department City Hall 13503 Alexander Road Balch Springs, TX 75181
    7. Phone 972-286-4477/ ext. 123 or 212, Fax 972-557-5515
      The amount of time necessary to complete the staff review is variable depending on the complexity of the Special Use Permit application and the accuracy of the submitted material. Once staff has reviewed submitted materials, the case is scheduled for public hearing at the Planning & Zoning Commission. However, the Planning & Zoning Department may determine that additional information or review is necessary prior to being scheduled for public hearing. Incomplete submissions or major changes to the plans during the review process may cause delays in this schedule.
    9. Refer to Chapter 90 of the City of Balch Springs Zoning Ordinance for additional information at